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Boldly Going Everywhere

This is such a big world. I love to venture out to places that comfort me, and places that scare me a little.

In 2004, I flew to Cape Town, South Africa and sailed across the South Atlantic with a guy I didn't know to Recife, Brazil on his 33' sailboat. I remember looking out the window of the plane as we landed in Germany and questioned my sanity, but then reassured myself that there were steps along the path where at any time, I could change my mind. I could stop in Germany and turn around. But I wouldn't have done that. I may have stopped in Germany, but would not have returned home without an adventure in Germany with all the potential risks that would have entailed. I would have liked to have seen the wall in Berlin and paid my respect to the many people who gave their lives as they exercised their freedom of choice.

As human beings, we all have the freedom to choose, it's just that the cost of exercising those choices varies. Sometimes the cost results in missing a flight; sometimes the cost is loosing your life. It is important to me to keep those sacrifices and my luck, for that's all it is really...luck, foremost in my mind and my heart as I give thanks for this life and the opportunity to witness this beautiful planet and her people. And to push myself to take those steps outside of the known and comfortable.

This week's adventure: the home of my ancestors--Iceland.

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