If you were to ask about my career, I'd tell you that I'm a systems engineer and that's true, but I retired from my corporate position in 2007 when we moved to Northwest Arkansas. That doesn't mean I'm not involved in the technical and artistic community. I'm a type-rated commercial pilot and flight instructor. I'm a rescue diver with Nitrox and Manatee certifications. I've flown in two airshows dropping the "E Team," a group of aerial skydivers. I've flown air cargo in crazy bad weather and I've traveled the world for work and adventure. Lately, though, I've started writing, book making, and painting for pleasure and self exploration. 

In addition to production studio work through Combined Minds Media, I've engaged with the local artist, poet, and writers community--sometimes teaching, but ever the student, learning from everyone I meet.

If you're interested in production studio work, click on the button labeled "Get in Touch" and I'll respond shortly.

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