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Wounded Birds

I haven't written in quite a while...well, I haven't written anything of particular interest, I should say. Two years ago, I agreed to take a leadership position in a local nonprofit because the founder was ill, and the organization's mission had been her dream. I've written about this tendency before...taking on something that was broken thinking I could make it whole and gladly shouldering the weight of the endeavor until the point of breaking. My mother chided me for seeking out the "wounded birds" in life rather than opting for something stable be that at work or in my personal life. It's a lesson, you know. Life has a way of presenting one with variations of the same lesson over and again until that lesson is learned. I tend to be a little slow in that regard.

This story has a happy ending as my board and I found a sister organization willing to accept our members and so rather than dying out, we've just become part of a larger family. Happy ending. But did I learn the lesson?

I feel better about letting go this time. I haven't felt like writing in a long time and although this probably not the most inciteful post, it's a step in that direction.

I have a project in the works. The 80th anniversary of the landings on Omaha Beach in Normandy is June 6th of next year and I have a friend and distant cousin interested in directing a version of my book, "Heroes All" in a stage production. That means I need to write a play, something I've never done before, but I'll figure it out.

You may be wondering about the difference between undertaking another wounded bird versus a challenge. I'm not sure...and perhaps that's the lesson.

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I totally get it. The lesson learned is that you knew it was time to back away, but also sought out a positive resolution for everyone. You are a remarkable woman. I’m proud to have walked with you on this journey. -Gail


Mad Rox
Mad Rox
Jul 31, 2023

Oh, Donna, this is a thing I struggle with and have encountered several times in my life. it's never easy to quit, but some are easier than others.

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