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So here's how un-spontaneous I am...the word itself makes me uncomfortable. I couldn't even sound out the spelling of the title of this blog. Seriously. I had to misspell it, then let my editor make the correction. My husband would tell you that I can be spontaneous, but it's very well planned, and so we come to the subject of today's plan or not to plan and the latter scares the hell out of me.

So why am I taking this trip? To see places I've not seen and to do it by myself? Well, yes but it's more than that. I'm very comfortable on our little piece of heaven with my gardens and chickens and art and writing...and after working for 45 years, it feels good to just do what I feel like on any particular day. Aside from grocery shopping or a doctor's appointment, there are days on end that I don't even start the car. A random trek into the bookstore or lunch with a girlfriend may sound spontaneous, but I check my calendar first to ensure I don't overcommit. Back-to-back lunch dates makes me itch even through I dearly love my friends, so imagine my planning a month-long road trip.

So far, I have the trip to the west coast booked, with contingencies. Sometimes I'll stay in a state park campground, sometimes a KOA or other campground so I'll have utilities...but I've actually booked two stays through Harvest Hosts. No utilities and I can cancel with a 24 hour notice if I change my mind. One location is a farm which means fresh eggs and garden goodies. One location is a winery. These get me through the first two weeks of the trip...I'm trying very hard not to plan the rest. Just go with the flow. Maybe I'll see something grand not on the map. Maybe I'll see the Milky Way. Maybe I'll learn something about myself. Maybe I'll relax into the unknown being okay and trust that for every plan A, there's a plan B that might be even better. Trust that the unknown can be a gift.

That's a toughie.

There's a new moon on May then, I'll be in the middle of a wilderness with my dog, my wits, and a couple of bottles of good wine.

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